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This is a digital download edition of Consumed, by Aaron Mahnke, containing file formats (.epub & .mobi) for all major ebook devices and apps.


Aspiring author Ben Simmons hates imposing himself upon others, so when he breaks down in the small Rhode Island town of Kettering, he's forced to grit his teeth and lean on strangers for help. 

It’s not all bad, though. His temporary host could not be more accommodating, and the local librarian quickly takes an interest in Ben, as well as the research for his next novel. Though unexpected, his short stay has the potential to be enjoyable. But when he stumbles upon the second murder in Kettering within a week, he realizes his presence in town might actually be life-threatening. 

Ben soon finds himself torn between leaving as soon as he can and his feelings for the alluring Ellen Hornsby. However, the longer Ben stays in town, the more questions he has. Who is the killer? How are these murders connected to similar crimes committed thirty years before? And why haven't the townspeople done anything? 

As Ben’s list of allies grows, so too does the threat that haunts the people of Kettering. Together, these individuals must set aside their differences and find the killer before the body count climbs any higher, but time is running out. 

Something is in the woods, something hidden among the shadows that grow ever longer with winter's approach, and it's hunting all of them.


"Gripping from the opening prologue...wonderful character development...and eloquent depiction of the New England backdrop surpassed only by his mastery of suspense." — James Gowans

"This thriller is well written, a classic of the genre, and would find a fine adaptation as a movie. The pace is steady, before accelerating and grabbing you into the story." — David Mendels

"The ending left me on edge the entire time. Folklore is woven nicely into the story, making for a very fun read." — Jeremiah Johnson