From Ears to Eyes

Two days ago, my life changed. Well, not really. The truth is, my life started changing months ago. Let’s back up a bit, shall we?

I launched Lore in March of 2015. It was a hobby and a last ditch effort to market my fiction, so you have to understand, I had no idea what might happen. Given my track record with projects — like my novels, my Frictionless tools, and the Read & Trust network — I thought it would run for a while, appeal to a couple hundred people, and then fizzle out.

Then it exploded. I’ve kept listeners up to date on a lot of milestones since then. My first million downloads. My second. My tenth. At the 1-year mark, Lore had been downloaded over 12 million times, and monthly downloads were quickly approaching the 2 million mark.

At the 5-month mark, I was able to sell enough sponsorship spots for the show to replace my design business income. That meant, after less than half a year, Lore had become my full-time job.

Understand: there are a bazillion podcasters out there, but very few of them draw their sole income from their audio shows. I feel very blessed to be in that small minority, and I got there after just 10 episodes.

Along the way, though, there were other milestones. Secret milestones that I couldn’t share. Not yet, anyway. You see, in August I was approached by a production company. Then another. Then another.

All told, over a dozen companies reached out to me over the course of a single month. And that gave me the chance to think it through and find the best choice for the future of Lore. In September — just 6 months after the show began — I was signed on and working to create something new and amazing: a Lore television show.

Not just a television show. Lore is becoming an hour-long anthology series from the producers of The Walking Dead. It's taken me months to wrap my head around that, so I'll give you a moment or two to do the same. Crazy? Yep. Reality? Amazingly, yes!

No, the podcast isn’t ending. That’s my day-job and my top priority. But it also means I’m going to be pretty darn busy, so if you’re emailing for an interview or advice or you have an idea, be patient. I have a lot on my plate now.

The television world moves slowly, so don't expect updates on a weekly basis. But stay tuned here and on Twitter or Facebook, because I’ll share news as it develops. Trust me, I’m eager to introduce all of you to the next evolution of Lore, and you're going to love what we're making: a visual storytelling experience unlike anything you’ve seen before, but as familiar to you as your favorite podcast.

UPDATE: The television version of Lore has an amazing network home. Learn more here.