Year One in Review

Lore turns one-year-old today. And that's a crazy sentence to write, as I feel like I just started the show. As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun. And let me tell you: this has been a lot of fun.

No long post here, but some key numbers. Because in some ways, numbers are a good way to judge a show's impact. And, boy, do I have numbers:

  • Over 12.2 million listens.
  • Lore was voted Best of iTunes 2015.
  • Over 1,500 Patreon backers.
  • Over 2,600 5-star reviews.
  • Dozens of fan emails, as well as dozens of tweets and Facebook comments, each day.

Summary: people absolutely love Lore, and it's not just a bunch of talk. The numbers back up their passion for the show through constant, positive feedback and 8-digit downloads.

As powerful as the first year has been for Lore, it's just the beginning. I've been working on two major projects and a third smaller one for a few months now, and when they finally see the light of day, I have a feeling that the past year is going to look like a "slow start".