10 Months

It was 10 months ago today that I hovered my cursor over the Publish button, nervous and unsure about releasing this weird thing I made called Lore to the public.

I had zero expectations, to be honest. I just thought it would be good to share something I had created. I had poured a couple of months into writing some historical essays that focused on folklore and superstition, and hoped that audio was the right format for sharing them.

Sharing my side projects has been a practice of mine for years, but they've never been successful. The was the Read & Trust Network, which topped out at maybe 150 "true fans". I made and sold some custom stationery for a while under the Frictionless banner, and while it was better than R&T, it never grew much beyond the break-even point. Even my fiction was struggling.

So 10 months ago, I assumed I was absolutely horrible at launching side-projects.

I assumed Lore would be no different. My podcasting experience amounted to 3 years of talking into a microphone with my buddy Dave, sending him the audio file, and then watching the episode magically appear days later. Suddenly, 10 months ago, I found myself neck-deep in a sea of podcast hosting tutorials, iTunes instructions, branding, and a SquareSpace website.

Then I took a deep breath and clicked the button. I'm not sure I've breathed since. I've been too busy.

Lore quickly became my full-time job. I started to spend over an hour a day replying to listener emails. I've held a number of sell-out live shows, been interviewed by some of the biggest news sites in the world (Huffington Post and the Guardian, to name a couple), and was even included on the iTunes "Best of 2015" list a few weeks ago.

I'm not bragging; I'm just trying (heavy-handedly, I know) to illustrate how my "zero expectation" attitude has been shattered over the last 10 months. And yeah, I get it, I've done something people like, so I must be good at it, but I honestly think all of this success is simply due to all of the amazing people who listen to the show.

If that's you, let me say this: thanks for an amazing 10 months, and here's to many, many more to come.