Lore - Live from Portsmouth, NH


Lore - Live from Portsmouth, NH

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What Is This?

This is a live recording of the very first Lore live show,  which took place in Portsmouth, NH on 10/11/2015. The show consists of live readings of three Lore episodes: The Blood Pit, Into the Woods, and Broken Fingernails (premiered at the show before being released on 10/12).

It's a bootleg; it's not perfect. But it captures the mood, the crowd, and the live experience that you just can't find anywhere else besides a rare live show.

What Do I Get?

Your purchase will include 4 digital files:

  • 3 individual MP3 files
  • 1 ZIP containing all tracks, to easily add to your music library.

How Do I Listen?

Listening is simple. Just download the files and listen to them on your computer. Or, if you own an iPhone or Android device, you can download the free Gumroad app and actually listen to the MP3s right in the app. It's pretty amazing.


This download is for your enjoyment only. Please don't share on file sharing sites or among your friends. You love the show — clearly — so be sure to respect it as well.