What's a Mystery Box?

Each Lore Mystery Box is a collection of limited edition Lore items, designed and produced exclusively for the Mystery Box. Inside each box you will find items that will never be available for sale anywhere else. Limited edition versions of favorite items, exclusive artwork from amazing creators, and autographed goodies.

How Does It Work?

  • Boxes are priced at $30 + shipping.
  • Boxes are released quarterly. Each box is available for pre-order for just one month, and then will ship about 5-6 weeks after pre-orders end.
  • Boxes include t-shirts, so they need to be pre-ordered so that shirt sizes can be ordered accurately. (click for size chart)
  • All $10/month Patreon backers will receive 50%-off coupon codes for each box.
Due to the nature of the Mystery Box (limited edition, built to order, yada yada), all Box sales are final. No returns, sorry folks!